Sunday, 28 August 2016

Vintage Button Display


Had a long weekend away in the rain.  Gosh, did it rain!  We were supposed to come home on Monday so that I could ride the horse in the afternoon and go back to work on Tues morning.  We only got 6.5 miles away from Settle, driving through long shallow floods in the road. Then a bloke flagged us down asking for a lift back to his drowned car, so off we went in our motorhome.  He wasn't joking about his car being drowned, the car behind him was being bailed out as well.  He kept saying "you'll be ok in your diesel van"  yeah right!  We are going to take notice of someone who was daft enough to drive through without checking.  So on with my new wellies, I went for a paddle, only got a couple of strides in, it was just about at the top of my wellies about turn pronto.  We (this is the royal "we") had to back the motorhome up the road for a while until he (see I wasn't driving it) could get it turned round, these dales roads are narrow.  Luckily in the village we had just gone through there was a cracking little campsite so we stayed the night as going back to Settle wasn't an option as the shallow floods had turned into very deep floods.  I know that I had wanted rain for the gardens and lawns but not that much!

Luckily took some hand sewing with me, a Red Work pattern by Mandy Shaw I have had this pattern for a while and its dated 2004 so not on her website anymore but if you like it, she might still do the pattern if you ask nicely.

I had a small collection of vintage mother of pearl buttons so put them on it.  They are soo pretty, had to add a couple of modern buttons to make up the numbers.

Made an extra one for the lovely Sarah Oatley from Drawn Threads Drawn Threads  She has just moved into her new studio/shop in Darlington.  Looking forward to sewing circle in new surroundings.  She has been working so hard to get it up to scratch, it looks beautiful now.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bloom Along Quilt


My sewing has been very neglected recently, my garden takes a lot of looking after in the summer and that's on top of my customers gardens.   But gardening 7 days a week makes Sharon a very unhappy girl!  So took a bit of a break from it this last weekend and did a bit of sewing.

First made a pressy for someone special.  Liked it sew much, made another 2 for good measure.

Heart shaped pin cushions with a handy scissor pocket.

Put some home grown lavender in the filling so they smell nice too.

Then I tackled the Lori Holt Bloom along quilt.  I have had the blocks done for ages but couldn't decide how I would do the borders.  Finally made up my mind after much dithering (which is not like me at all).  Put a border sash around each block so its slightly different to Lori's  (Bloom Along Quilt)

I loved doing the blocks for this quilt.  Its the first time I have really done applique on a grand scale.

Now all I have to do is put the quilt together then dither on how I am going to quilt it!

Feel better now I have some sewing under my belt.  Back to gardening today.  No peace for the wicked.


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Fabric Sample Book Quilt


Haven't done much sewing recently, been busy with my gardening business, the weather has been kind to me until this week.  So seeing it rained on Wednesday had a date with my Singer 201K.

I was given a fabric sample book which I took apart and cut the fabric (upholstery) into squares.  Ended up with a considerable pile of squares.

The fabric was very good quality retailing at around £50 per metre.  Some of it was heavyweight fabric,  the linens had an open weave, a few frayed badly,  all of which is totally different to my normal cotton quilting fabric.  Made them up into 9 patch squares to make into a quilt.  I used a fake suede type fabric for the sashing which again was a fairly thick.  It was tricky to put together as some of the fabric squares moved around, especially the thick pile ones.  The Singer coped fairly well even when I added the fake suede sashing.  Added some wadding and cotton sprig backing.

Then the fun started, the 201K has hardened steel gears so is a very strong machine and boy, I needed that strength.

Please note that I do not recommend that you trying sewing stuff like this on a normal modern machine, especially if it has plastic  gears.  My other vintage Singer 327K wouldn't have been strong enough to sew this and that has metal gears.  So be really careful, I once broke an Elna by trying to sew a thick horse rug.

I used a walking foot and Size 16 needle (which was the thickest one I had), I still had to ease the fabric through the machine, it was really tough, some of the thick seams pushed the foot across so my quilting lines are far from straight. The quilt is heavy had to keep the weight on the table so that it didn't drag the quilt sideways through the machine.  It was the trickiest quilt I have ever done, glad I didn't make it larger.  Used the backing material to bind the edges.  Lucky the weather had cooled down as its an extremely warm quilt to have on your lap while sewing the binding on

So pleased with my heavyweight, not sure if I would make another one I was pushing my luck with my machine, I think this was the limit of what it could cope with

Oh, the fabric book had a really strong back cover on it so I made it into a patchwork design board by covering one side with wadding and finishing the edges with a matching bias binding which was glued on.

The back is a fake leather.


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Fabric Sample Book Cushions


The lovely Sarah from Drawn Threads gave me some fabric squares from a sample book, the type that you choose your sofa fabric from.  I had the idea to make some new cushions out of them. Managed to get 5.5 inch squares out of each one of the pieces of fabric which was handy as when I sewed them into a nine patch it was exactly the right size for my existing cushion pads.  Phew. Backed them with an off cut of fabric that I bought for £2.  Used the zips unpicked from my old cushion covers.

While in the cushion making mood, made some more using the leather I was given along with pieces from Sarah's free fabric box and upholstery fabric I was saving for a rainy day.  Covered some buttons for the middle with matching fabrics.

I like the idea of thrifty makes, gives me more pleasure than just buying new cushions.


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Quilts for Twins


My nephew Lee's wife is haviidentical so I made a couple cot quilts for them.

Used the same fabric but made them slightly different.  One has patchwork butterflies and the other cute bunnies.

As I had some fabric over, made a useful bag to put them in.  I was lucky to be given some leather from a local furniture company, the green was the perfect colour to match the green in the fabric, jammy or what.

Babies arrived safely one last night before midnight and the other early this morning so different birthday dates which will be nice for them when they grow up a bit.  They are both a decent size so should be home soon.


Update, babies doing well, identical girls.  They have called them May and June.  X

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sylko & Trylko Cotton Display Drawers


I've been grounded at the moment not allowed to work as I have stitches in my face!  Oooh err, had to have a lesion removed which looks dramatic so I am telling everyone that I have had half a face lift and when I have saved up enough money will get the other side done!  Hee Hee.

Sooo to cheer myself up bought a Trylko cotton set of drawers off Ebay to go with my Sylko drawers.

The Trylko box was a bit chipped so spent yesterday trying to mix paint to match the purple paint, easier said that done.  Got as near as I could and touched up all the white chips which made it look tidier.

To give it a nice sheen polished it with some beeswax.  Not sure if the purple colour is original, I suspect not as its quite rough and there is no logo on the top but it goes well with the orange drawer front.

Its missing a handle so am on the search for a replacement.  Wondering if I could get a replacement 3D printed will have to explore this option.

So here is my trio of vintage drawers

Complete with contents

The lovely Anita sent me a present, a tin full of fab quilting threads which I have stored in my vintage sewing table which I rescued from Dad's garage.

Not sure if I will  be able to use all the reels of threads but will have years of pleasure just looking at them!


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Haberdashery Fabric Shop in Whitby


A little while ago we had a weekend at Whitby on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.  Its a beautiful port town famous for its Whitby Jet Jewelery worn by Queen Victoria.  Also the inspiration for Bram Stokers Dracula.  When you look at its Gothic ruined Abbey you can see why.  Even on a bright Spring day it looks scary.

The close up photo of the Abbey was blurred (user error) but below is the church next door.

It was chucking it down when we arrived so we had a soggy walk into town from the  caravan site.  It was so wet I resorted to putting a coat on Buzz, he was not amused.

I did find a gem of a shop in a back street, being after hours it was closed, I pressed my nose against the window drooling over the lovely fabric.  Had to wait until Monday when I could go and shop.  Judith's shop has been open for 50 years!

 She had the best collection of fabrics, wall to wall displays.

 She kindly allowed me behind the counter so that I could take a photo.

It's not a huge shop but packed with goodies.  Well worth a visit.  She even has a holiday let above the shop, what better on your holiday having a fabric shop on the floor below!

And yes, I did buy some fabric, it would have been rude not to.

Her contact details are

Judiths Fabrics
Patchwork & Dress Fabrics
Established 50 Years
Closed All Day Wednesday (She was closed on the Sunday as well)

Judith Williamson
12-13 Brunswick Street
YO21 1RB
tel. 01947 603213